by Aishling

Jacket – Topshop
White Shirt – Topshop
Jumper – Vintage
Shorts – Vintage
Bag – Guess
Boots – River Island
It was really sunny when I managed to drag myself outta bed this morning/afternoon. Which means it was really chilly out! So I tried my hand at layering – pairing my new vintage jumper with a white shirt and vintage Levi shorts. And of course my trusty old leather jacket thrown on top. I didn’t wanna waste the rest of my weekend being lazy so I headed to the Arc de Triomphe to meet the girls. It’s free for under 26 year olds to go to the top – score! My god there was some climb involved. The little spiral staircase felt like it went on for infinity. We were huffin’ and puffin’ when we reached the top. But the view was pretty cool. My hands were almost frozen solid after taking photos. It was freezing!!

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helen turnbull January 29, 2012 - 2:12 pm

oh Paris, beautiful. Love your jumper x


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