by Aishling

Floral Kimono – Penney’s Finest
Silk Cami – Topshop
Trousers – Zara
Gold Watch – Casio
Nude Heels – Steve Madden
Collar Necklace – Forever 21

I bought this floral kimono in Penneys AGESSSSSSSSSSSS ago and I’ve barely worn it. But its perfect for spring. Its so pretty and it can be worn a zillion different ways – loose, tucked in, wraped, and back-to-front. There Zara trousers were a last minute panic what-do-I-wear-for-my-internship purchase & I love them. And the shoes were a last minute panic what-do-I-wear-in-Vegas purchase after my one & only pair of heels broke. 

 On another note, I made my first successful analysis model at work today. Woop! 

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