The Ugly Shoe

by Aishling

Ugly shoes are wrecking havoc this year. Mules, pool slides and Birkenstocks have been glued to the feet of the fashion elite. As well as the majority of the street style set. The Olsens perhaps take it a step too far – socks and sandals combinations are still very much a no-no in my book.

The Birkenstock, in particular, is having a major fashion reinvention. They have been dominating the runways – Phoebe Philo even sent a fur-lined interpretation down the Céline runway in 2013. The controversial trend has the ability to ignite strong emotions in peoples – whether it be disgust, confusion or pure adoration. Whether you hate them or not, this ugly-chic shoe craze shows no signs of slowing down.

I have always been against ugly shoes. Except for my beloved Converse, I’ve never understood the need to wear unflattering shoes. Do you remember when clogs had a ‘moment’ thanks to Chanel – all I could think was WHY OH WHY?

But I must confess. I have given up the fight. After seeing some of my favourite bloggers (Don’t they just look effortlessly cool) styling mules, pool slides and Birkenstocks – I knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in. And so as I sit here typing this blog post, I have these bad boys on my feet. After initial hesitation, they have won me over. Comfortable summer shoes officially get my seal of approval. I do however draw the line at Crocs. They are never going to happen. Ever.

Photos: Adenorah, Andy Heart, A Fashion Fix, We Wore What, 1 Fine Dai and tumblr

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Unknown June 19, 2014 - 3:05 pm

I think it's just one trend I cannot get on board with. Birkenstocks look so awesome and effortless on some people but I feel I would look like a wannabe Moses in them! Don't get me started in Crocs though, christ!



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