The Fourth Birthday

by Aishling

It’s the blog’s fourth birthday.

Which I’m using as an excuse to share some photos of Paris.

The city where it all began.

For those of you that don’t know, I started my blog when I moved to Paris in 2012. I lived there for eight months while interning as a Structural Engineer. I had been following a couple of style blogs in the preceeding months and had been toying with the idea of sharing my outfits. So when I landed in Paris, I thought why not – new city, new adventure, new blog.

I finally returned to Paris in May last year. Unexpectedly, I was given a few days off work after working crazy hours in the lead up to a project deadline. Fast forward a few hours, and I had Eurostar tickets and an air bnb booked. I’ve never done something that spontaneous in all my life. It was the best feeling. And I had the best time. Solo travel is not all that scary. I spent four days exploring in the sunshine and revisiting all my favourites places.

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