The Soundtrack

by Aishling

Jumper – Forever21
Necklace – Forever21
Watch – Casio
Trousers – Zara
Nail Polish – H&M

Oh mo Dhia it was freezing when I got up this morning. But I decided the crispy cold air might wake me up a bit so I skipped the metro and walked to work. There was a light sprinkle of snow scattered on the ground and on top of cars. I was listening to a few tunes on my ipod on the way. . . when low and behold Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” comes on. Quite the coincidence eh? I had my itunes library on shuffle. Next up was Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire“. I spent the rest of the walk just waiting for Red Hot Chilli’s “Snow (Hey Oh)” to come on. It’s one of my favourite songs ever. But so random that they were weather/temperature related.

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