by Aishling

Anna Dello Russo

A.D.R is a Fashion Journalist from Italy who is current Editor-at-Large and creative consultant  for Vogue Japan. She is a “Passionate Fashionista” and is one lady who is never caught in a boring or ordinary outfit. – cue crazy sunglasses and apple head-ware. 

My first Japaneses food experience was the inspiration for today’s post (I’m all about being adventurous). For lunch we went to a local Japanese restaurant. We had some soup and salad (Cabbage/Carrots/Sesame Seeds). Then I had Yaki (Skewered chicken & rice). Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly a whiz at using the chopsticks. Then I tired some Sushi – Makizushi (rice, dried seaweed, raw salmon and Avocado). I can safely say it was both my first and last time eating Sushi. I most definitely like my fish cooked.

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