Akagera National Park

by Aishling

Akegera National Park

In February, I travelled to Rwanda with a team of friends & colleagues to work on a project with Bridges to Prosperity (which you can read about in a separate blogpost). We completed the project ahead of schedule so we took the chance to go to a safari park. The trip involved a five-hour drive to Kigali, a night in Kigali, a two-hour drive to Akagera and then half a day in the car driving around the park. The heat was intense and the horseflies were numerous. But the Zebras made it all worthwhile. They are very funky. We also came across buffalo, monkeys, baboons, antelope, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes and an eagle. Unfortunately, the elephants eluded us.

We checked into the hotel on top of the hill/mountain in the evening. After hot showers (a novelty for us), beers and watching the sunset, we regrouped for dinner. The restaurant had a conference room-style decor and a Christmas party-style dinner menu. After an exhausting day of searching for elephants, we had an early night. Then a few of us rose early to watch the sunrise. It was a photographer’s dream. The baboons were also hanging around the hotel grounds at that early hour. According to the Safari guide, their mission is to steal food from unsuspecting tourists.

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